Giving In Memory








In times of great sadness, making a donation to charity to celebrate someone’s life can be a real comfort.  Your gesture will enable us to continue to provide our expert, compassionate services to more families who need us.

If you would like to collect donations at a funeral or memorial service please contact our Development Team.  We have special donation envelopes we can send to you and/or the funeral home to help make this process easier.  People frequently make their friends and family aware of this request in their loved one’s obituary or via social media using the following language:

“In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Hospice Foundation of Central New York, 990 Seventh North Street, Liverpool, NY  13088.”

Donations can be made online as well.  The direct link is  This link can be shared via social media.  As gifts are made in honor or memory of your loved one, we will write weekly to let you know the contact information of the donors.  Those individual donors will also receive a thank you letter from us.  We are happy to share with you how much was raised in honor of your loved one in total upon request, but we do not identify how much individual donors give.  

If you have a Facebook account you can also choose to create a fundraiser in memory of your loved one.  There is a link to create a fundraiser right on your homepage.  Once you get started be sure to click the nonprofit button and then search and select Hospice of Central New York.  You can choose to set a goal and share with your Facebook friends.  If you do choose to create a fundraiser in memory of your loved one, we would greatly appreciate being notified so as to be prepared for the donations. 

For more information, please contact us at 315-634-1100.