Year End Appeal 2017

Your support of Hospice of Central New York is so important, both to us and to those we serve.


Donations are critical to the care we provide each and every day.  I thought I would share with you how grateful families are for the service that you help provide:

Thank you for taking part in the care and comfort that these families needed.  A donation to Hospice of Central New York today will immediately support others to get the services that they need at the end of life.  Providing quality care is very expensive, know that your support will make a difference.


Your gift of $200 will provide one day of care to a family who has no insurance.  Your donation of $100 will provide four days of medications, equipment and supplies to make a patient comfortable during their last days.  Your donation of $50 will provide four days of routine medications to manage someone’s pain and symptoms.


You can continue to be a part of Hospice of Central New York’s mission and help provide a service that is exceptional, caring, professional, dedicated, vital and compassionate.


Please make a gift today.  Your tax-deductible donation will make a big impact for a family in our community.


Thank you for your generous support.







Caryn Hughes

Development Director


P.S. With your help, Hospice of Central New York will serve over 1,100 families next year.