Volunteer Spotlight: Debbie Bondi-Ellison

Debbi Bondi-Ellison, Laurie Simpson-Development Coordinator and Caryn Hughes-Development Director

When Debbie Bondi-Ellison walks through the door at Hospice of Central New York, it is always with a smile. Not only does she bring her smile, but she comes with her hands full. What is she carrying? She is delivering donated items for fundraising events. Either she shopped for them herself and is donating them (she is a sucker for a good sale), or she is dropping off items from a local business that she has solicited for contributions. Her efforts over the years have helped make our silent auctions incredibly successful.

Personally, she has contributed items with a value of over $15,000. She has also made several cash donations to Hospice over the years. Her willingness to donate herself certainly makes her efforts to ask others much easier. Even when she doesn’t get an answer right away, she will keep on asking until she secures a contribution.

Debbie has been volunteering on Hospice of CNY fundraising event committees for seven years. She attends meetings and volunteers at the events in addition to soliciting donations. It doesn’t matter what job she is assigned to at an event, she is ready to do it with a smile. She comes prepared and with a complete understanding of what she needs to do.

Debbie is a very special and dedicated volunteer. She is passionate about Hospice of CNY. Her help with our fundraising events is invaluable. We are fortunate to have so many volunteers, like Debbie. They take on many roles, and they are priceless.