What Triggers Your Grief?


Photography By Marg

by Bill Pfohl

Every time I see or smell laundry freshly washed on a clothesline I get hung out to dry. A childhood memory flashes up in my mind of summers long ago. A wave of grief overcomes me. I’m seven years old playing in the Sun on a hot summer day in the backyard and my grandmother is hanging clothes and linens on the line. My family lived in a two family house with my grandparents. So the loss of my grandmother – the family matriarch was hard on many of us.

I’m lucky. The wave of grief that returns on hot summer days is no longer painful but a great memory of a wonderful time in my life. For many people that kind of trigger can really be devastating.

We at Hospice hear it all the time…”I was fine until it was time to get the Christmas tree. That was dad’s favorite chore of the season.” “The changing autumn colors prompted our yearly ride to the Adirondacks. Now that my wife’s gone I just can’t face it.”

Hospice continues to offer our programs and services to your family for 13 months after the death of your loved one. We will be there after your hidden trigger is pulled to help you better cope with your loss. We also have experts on staff that can help the children in your family deal with their grief as well. If you would like more information about the Hospice Grief Center programs and services, call 315-634-1100.