The Founders Circle

The Founders Circle represents those who have included Hospice in their estate plans by simple bequests in a will or through annuities, charitable trusts or other planned giving instruments. By leaving a legacy of any size you are helping to ensure that Hospice will be able to be here to provide comfort and care for thousands of patients and their families for years to come.

To find out how you can become a member of The Founders Circle, contact our development office at 315-634-1100 or click here to send an email to Hospice

Individuals in red have given a bequest or indicated they have included Hospice in their estate planning between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018.

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Jeanette Artini and Mr. James Corbo

Richard M. Ashe

Edward L. Baker

Ralph J. Balducci

Frances Barnes

Priscilla Bedner

Ms. Mary Lou Bender

Rae Anne Bentley

Mildred E. Best

Patricia Blakeman

Janet M. Bloomer

Helen S. Breslau

Janet R. Brinker

Dorothy O. Brown

John J. Brown

Raymond Buck

Eleanor M. Chartrand

Thomas L. Conway

Arthur V. Cordes

Marion P. Costello

Mary Frances Costello

Jane Dardzinski

Jayne H. Day

Frances Delles

Michael A. Dietrich

Mary D. Dodds

John E. Donnelly

Elizabeth Dorazio

Kathleen Ennis

Yolanda Filosi

James T. Foody

Margaret B. Franklin

Larry Freedman

Samuel J. Fromer

Anne A. Garofalo

Hyman Geber

Mrs. Helen J. Graham

Debra A. Greenfield

Christie C. Hammerle

Dorothy T. Heffernan

Carroll Hennessy

Ronald S. Hummel

Mrs. Joyce M. Hunter

Margaret R. Hurley

Louis Iannicello

Eve G. Isley

Rebecca Johnson

Lee Keach

Mary “Betty” Kenyon

Philip A. Kenyon

Russell H. Kienzle

Alice P. Kirby

Yolanda E. Klaskin

Virginia A. Knapp

Michael Kzrywyj

Arlene LaRue

Winona F. Lee

Horace R. Livengood

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Loftus

Anne June Lohff

Elizabeth Lutz

Frank Macri

Marie T. Marco

Rosemarie Mazza

Pauline F. McCarthy

William C. McCarthy

James E. Miller

Rose M. Morabito

Gladys M. Morehouse

Frances Mulderig

Shirley L. Muser

Jean Grams Oberg

Ruth W. O’Brien

Angeline Oliva

Vincent A. O’Neil

Bob Palone

Henry A. Panasci, Jr.

Joseph and Audrey Piparata

Evelyn K. Powers

Emma Puderbaugh

Virginia Rankin

Ralph Reichel

Catherine B. Reid

Ruth Freida Roeckelein

Ms. Catherine J. Rosbrook

Olive Sade

Richard W. Salisbury

Arlene Samuels

John A. Santelli

Alice Schultz

Donald Seacord

Clarann J. Seames

Virginia C. Simons

Ruby Sitnik

Norma Joan Smith

Herman J. Snavely

Mary Frances Sollish

Avron Spector

Marion W. Stafford

Doris L. Starr

Craig D. Stephens

Nancy J. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Straussman

Raymond A. Stummer

Helen L. Taffner

Frances M. Thompson

Francis Turner

Joan B. Uhle

Karen Walker-Saya

Jeana Washville

Clifton W. Watchorn

Hazel Lee Waugh

Shirley Arlene Weaver

Virginia (Marty) Weidig

Elsie E. Wessig

Joseph Wheelock

Esther V. White

Evelyn M. White

Marian F. Whitmore

Dorothy C. Witherill

Ms. Miriam J. Wright

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Yarwood