Are You Ready for the Holiday Family Conversation?

The holidays bring together families and friends for festivities, feasting and fun. It’s a time for sharing not only the good times but to establish the relationships we as individuals rely on. These are the people who you rely on in times of need. Conversely, family and friends are relying on you when they are facing a challenging period.

This may be a great time to have the conversation. If you know what you want in terms of end-of-life wishes and who you want to be advocating for you if you can not, a family and friend gathering is the perfect opportunity to tell people what your wishes are.

If you need help researching what resources are available locally or how to get that conversation started we can help. Call Hospice of CNY at 315-634-1100 and ask for Communications, we have a kit to get you started. Or drop us an email at Our recommendation is to do it now that you are in good health. Don’t wait until you receive a diagnosis you will be too busy trying to decide how to deal with it.

Many people tell us that talking about end-of-life wishes shouldn’t be discussed at the Thanksgiving table or under the holiday tree… If this complaint comes up, ask your family if they would rather discuss politics or religion again!