Meet Our Runners!

We are excited to introduce our three Syracuse Half Marathon runners, Tom Tucci, Cameron Hughes and Chad Penoyer. They will all be raising money for Hospice of CNY while they train for the big race. We are so grateful for their commitment and generous support of Hospice of Central New York!

Tom, Chad and Cameron are all passionate about running. Tom and Chad have both been running for several years while Cameron is new to the sport, he’s been running for eight months. They are all very excited and anxious about the upcoming race. Chad and Tom have both run the Syracuse Half Marathon, however it has been several years since they’ve participated. Cameron is new to the race.  This will be his first Syracuse Half, although not his first half marathon.  They all know the challenges of a 13.1 mile race and what to expect on race day.

A good training schedule in preparing for a race like this is so critical. Chad believes in mixing up his training by doing CrossFit, Yoga, rock climbing, swimming, biking, and of course running. Tom also finds Yoga and CrossFit to be beneficial training techniques. Cameron feels consistent running each week does the trick for him. Cameron has been training on the treadmill but is working on adding outdoor runs to his routine, as he notices a huge difference between the two platforms.

Each of our runners wants to utilize The Syracuse Half Marathon to show their support of Hospice of Central New York. Chad, the Director of Operations at Dignity Plus, has a close business relationship with Hospice of CNY and sees the direct impact their work has on patients and families in our community. Chad finds the work of Hospice of CNY and Dignity Plus staff in assisting families very beneficial. Tom has not directly been impacted by Hospice of CNY, however recent end-of-life experiences with his loved ones have made him very aware of the value of Hospice. Cameron too has not had a close relative or friend receive care from Hospice of CNY, however, he has volunteered at the Hospice Golf Open and has been fortunate enough to hear about the value of the services from family members and friends of individuals who have received care from Hospice.

What keeps our runners motivated? Chad believes the more he trains the faster he will cross the finish line, as he said it will be cold in November so the sooner he crosses the finish line the sooner he will be warm again. Tom loves the feeling of accomplishment and believes he will get there by steading training and sticking to a schedule. Cameron is excited to be running in support of a cause that cares for a vulnerable population. He said the tremendous feedback he hears about Hospice of CNY services makes him eager to run and support our mission.

Tom, Chad and Cameron are all very passionate about running and Hospice of Central New York. We are fortunate they are taking this opportunity to benefit families in our community.  It takes a dedicated person to run 13.1 miles, and a very special individual to raise money for Hospice of CNY during their training. We are grateful for their commitment.

We ask you to help these runners reach their fundraising goal and the finish line this November by sponsoring their run today.  Thank you in advance for supporting Tom, Chad and Cameron and Central New York patients and families.