Passionate about Running…and Hospice

Tom Middleton


We are proud to introduce five special individuals who will be running in the November Syracuse Half Marathon for Hospice of CNY: Sherry Jones, Mara Pallatto, Tom Middleton, Raquel Patterson and our very own Admissions Patient Care Manager, Kim Blomgren. We are so grateful for their generous support and commitment.

Each one of our runners has several years with the sport. Tom started running in 2013 after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Running was therapeutic in that it helped him cope with everything that was going on with his mom. Each of our runners have found running to be a big motivation, and each of them have participated in the Syracuse Half Marathon at least once. Tom recently ran in the March Syracuse Half Marathon and raised money for Hospice of CNY with his run at that race as well.

Mara Pallatto

As most of you can imagine running a half marathon cannot be undertaken without training. Each runner has their own way of preparing for the big race. Mara is a running coach for Fleet Feet, so she has several training techniques up her sleeve. Kim trains at Fleet Feet and says it was the best thing she did for her running. Tom also trains with a Fleet Feet group and runs with co-workers on his lunch break. Sherry says her goal is to run three times a week, long distance and short distance runs with some speed work in between.

Why have these runners chosen to support Hospice of CNY? They all have experienced hospice care firsthand and believe hospice makes a difference for patients and families in need. Sherry has personal insight as a volunteer but also experienced it when her mother became ill 10 years ago. Tom also lost his mother and used hospice services. Mara worked in nursing homes for a decade and saw many hospice patients. Hospice also took care of her Nonna. Kim, a Hospice of CNY nurse for 13 years, sees the importance of this work on a daily basis and knows how critical the service is for our community. Sherry and Raquel work

Sherry Jones

together, and Raquel had been wanting to run half marathon. She was all in after Sherry told her about the opportunity to run and support a great cause.

Sherry, Mara, Tom, Kim and Raquel are all very passionate about running and Hospice of Central New York. We are fortunate that they can take their two passions and make it benefit our community. It takes a dedicated person to run 13.1 miles, and a very special

Kim Blomgren

individual to raise money for Hospice of CNY during their training. We are grateful for their compassion. We wish Sherry, Mara, Tom, Raquel and Kim all the best as they train for the big race, and we thank them for supporting families in our community during the coming months. We ask you to show your gratitude for one or all of these wonderful individuals by sponsoring their run today. Thank you in advance for supporting their run and Central New York patients and families.

Raquel Patterson