Syracuse Half Marathon – A Win for Hospice

Kelle Jobin, Cindee Daniels, Tom Middleton, Rosemarie Nelson, Joe Carnese

Hospice of Central New York has some very special friends who ran in the Syracuse Half Marathon on Sunday. Rosemarie Nelson, Joe Carnese, Tom Middleton and Kelle Jobin committed to enter the race, but also to raise money for Hospice of CNY during their training. Another participant, Cindee Daniels (Hospice staff member), was unable to participate this year but made the generous commitment to raise funds for her friend Kelle Jobin’s run. We had the pleasure of being there to see them tackle the 13.1 miles. Each of our runners made it across the finish line and were happy with their race times. We are so proud of them!

During their weeks of training they asked friends and family to donate to Hospice of CNY in honor of their run in order to help families in our community receive compassionate end-of-life care. Each participant has been touched by Hospice of Central New York, and they wanted to show their appreciation and support. One of our runners, Rosemarie Nelson generously matched the donations made on her behalf, bringing her total alone up to $5,091.

We are very excited to share with you that these everyday heroes raised a total of $9,602 to support our programs and services! Everyone here at Hospice of Central New York is very grateful for all of their hard work and dedication. Thank you Rosemarie, Joe, Tom, Cindee, Kelle and to all of those who supported them!