Adult Support

Grief Counseling

Professional grief counselors provide grief information and counseling support for adults and children at The Center. Call us at 315-634-1100 to schedule an appointment. No referral is necessary.

“Being able to talk to a counselor at The Center was good for me. I was able to understand my grief better and deal with my problems more effectively. I learned about myself and what’s important as I continue to live without my husband.”

“Without The Center, I would still be sitting in my chair asking myself, ‘Where do I go from here?’”

Grief Support Groups
These professionally led groups provide a safe place for those impacted by loss to obtain information, tools for coping and support. Groups are held once a week, for six consecutive weeks. Several series are held throughout the year.

“The group was very helpful in exploring all of our emotions and experiences. The facilitators were excellent and very helpful. Being with other grievers gives me the courage to do my “grief work” and not push it away.”



Help for New Grief

A gathering for those who have recently experienced the death of a loved one, or for those who would like to know more about their grief and the services provided at the Hospice Grief Center.
“The death of my wife was so disorienting! I didn’t know how to be or what to do. After I came for that one Help for New Grief Group, I had a road map. It was still hard, but at least I knew how to find good information and support, for when I wanted it.” 



Coping With Grief

These “drop in” groups are offered every other week in the summer months. You are welcome to come to one or all of the sessions where we will provide information and support for those who grieve.

“I so appreciated the flexibility of this group-come to one, some or all. Perfect for the summer! The facilitator was kind and insightful and the handouts allowed me to continue to absorb the lessons learned.”



Interactive Workshops

These workshops are “hands on” opportunities to explore your grief with others in creative ways using music, writing, memory book creation and other expressive approaches.



“I loved the idea of using some family photos and Dad’s golf tees to make the wreath personal.”

“It helped me to know others write in diaries or journals about their grief. They suggested I try writing a letter to my sister. It was good.”



A Parents’ Grief Support Group

This six-week support group is for those who have experienced the death of a child of any age.  This professionally led series will provide information and support in a safe environment with others who are learning to cope with this unique grief.

“I was so grateful to be able to talk about this terrible loss without having to pretend I was okay.  I was relieved to be in a place where everyone understood and we could talk together about our struggles.”  




Spouse and Partner Loss Groups
These professionally led groups provide a safe place to gather for those whose spouse, partner or life companion has died.  These groups address the unique challenges of this life-changing event by offering information, tools for coping and support. Groups are held every Monday from 1 PM to 2:30 PM at Hospice of Central New York throughout the year. Anyone is welcome no registration is needed.

“I was grateful to know that I could grieve at my own pace and that what I was going through was normal and temporary. “