Hospice Grief Center

Who We Are And How We Can Help


Hospice of Central New York’s Grief Center

The Hospice Grief Center fosters healing and growth by providing professional grief counseling, consultation and education. The services of The Center are offered by professional counselors with advanced graduate degrees who have years of experience specializing in grief and loss.

The Center provides support to hospice families and friends after the death of their loved ones. We serve children and adults, in both individual and support group settings.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Hospice is also able to extend these counseling and support group services to our neighbors in Central New York. The Center provides bereavement support, counseling, and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families who may be dealing with life-threatening illness, grief following a death, and sudden and traumatic grief.

We do not charge a fee. We ask clients from the community to make a donation to help support the counseling sessions or groups they attend. (If your loved one died in our hospice program during the past twelve months, no donation is requested.)

The staff of The Center would be privileged to join you in your journey to the ultimate goal of healthy grieving and hopeful living.

How do I know if The Hospice Grief Center is right for me?

  • Some wonder if they can survive in the world without their spouse, parent, child or friend.
  • Some come to the Center because they want to know what is “normal” in grief.
  • Some people come when their world feels shattered and out of control.
  • Some come when tragedy strikes suddenly through suicide, homicide or fatal accidents.
  • Others come because they need someone to listen.  Who was the person who died?  What did it mean to have them in your life?  What does it mean for the rest of your life?  How can you find happiness in the future while remembering your loved one?
  • Grief buried may continue to surface throughout life.  With the support of caring, trained professionals, your journey to the ultimate goal of “Healthy Grieving, Hopeful Living” can be realized.

Call us from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM at 315-634-1100.