Grandma’s Final Days

By Preslie Fields

As many know, losing a loved one is never easy. When my grandma, Donna Fields passed away last March we had help and support from Hospice of Central New York. My grandma had suffered from stage four kidney and liver failure as a result of diabetes and had been in and out of the hospital for a year.

In late February my grandma had finally had enough. She was exhausted and wished to stay home. That’s when my family called Hospice of CNY. Being home meant my grandma could spend her final days with the ones she loved. There was a time when there were 15 of us in her living room with her, sharing stories and jokes and comforting one another. Being all together in my grandparents’ home made a difficult time so much easier.

The Hospice of Central New York nurses, social workers, chaplains and doctors treated Grandma with the utmost dignity and respect. They were always only a phone call away. Being a Hospice staff member I always knew that the care and support provided was great, but being on the other end of things only enhanced my gratitude and respect for the wonderful staff and volunteers.

Hospice was there for my family, as they will be there for you and your family if you ever need them. Please join me in showing your appreciation and support for this important work by making a donation to Hospice of Central New York today.