Giving In Celebration







From weddings and anniversaries to milestone birthdays or retirement, your celebration can be made even more special by asking family and friends for donations to Hospice of Central New York in lieu of gifts.

Like all newlyweds, Emily and Ed wanted their special day to be memorable, unique and filled with joy. Emily said, “We wanted to help, be there for others and give to others.  Our wedding was a celebration, not all about receiving.  We receive love through family and friends.  We wanted to offer an opportunity to everyone to give to others in a way they may not have thought of.  We wanted to be there for families who struggle during a challenging and vulnerable time in their lives: their lives are changing significantly – expected or not.”

Hospice of Central New York can set up a page on our website for your special day.  We can enable your friends and family to give on-line or send donations in the mail.  We will provide you with information about who has donated.

If you have a Facebook account you can also choose to create a fundraiser.  There is a link to create a fundraiser right on your homepage.  Once you get started be sure to click the nonprofit button and then search and select Hospice of Central New York.  You can choose to set a goal and share with your Facebook friends.  If you do choose to create a fundraiser in celebration, we would greatly appreciate being notified so as to be prepared for the donations. 

To learn more about how to give in celebration for your special event call the Hospice Foundation Office at 315-634-1100 or email  We would love to hear about your plans.