Frequently Asked Questions About the Health Care Proxy

IMG_2911Here is what you need to know when it comes to healthcare proxies and advance directives. Make lots of copies of the health care proxy. The person you choose as a proxy will need a one. Make copies for your primary physician, family and friends, all need to know your end-of-life care wishes.

Get a wallet sized health care proxy card. If your physician does have one call Hospice of CNY we can get one to you. No one carries the 8 by 12 inch NYS Health Care Proxy form in their pocket.  

The original proxy form should be where people can find it, especially first responders. I cannot tell you how many people when asked proudly say they keep their proxy form in their safety deposit box. No one will find it you keep it locked away.

Many fear their proxy and advance care directives are set in stone. You can change your proxy and end-of-life care wishes as many times as you want. Life changes, people move, new and different circumstances arise. We suggest you review your advance directives every year.

The time to do this is NOW. When you are healthy. Don’t delay, have the tough conversation with your family and friends. You can tell your loved ones they won’t have to make tough choices on your behalf because they know in advance what you want. You can also feel good knowing that your wishes are written out and will be carried out.