Frequently Asked Questions

On Call Around the Clock

Hospice staff is always available by phone to answer questions and make visits as needed.

The Hospice Care Team

Our sensitive professionals and volunteers tailor our services to meet the needs of each patient and family. The patient’s own physician is an important part of the Hospice team. All medical care prescribed by the physician is carefully followed. Experienced registered nurses monitor the patient’s physical condition. They work with the physician to make sure the patient is as comfortable and free of pain as possible. They take the time to teach the family new skills and help them anticipate changes in the course of the patient’s illness. A home health aide provides personal care.

Help for Patient and Family

Hospice social workers help ease the family’s anxiety and stress through sensitive counseling. They may help to resolve practical concerns by calling upon available community resources. At the family’s request, Hospice chaplains provide spiritual support and counseling for patient and family. They provide or coordinate spiritual care according to the patient’s traditions and faith. Other therapists are available for special needs.

Hospice Volunteers

Carefully selected and trained volunteers provide a source of comfort and strength at this stressful time. In addition to companionship and emotional support, volunteers may provide respite care, transportation, and recreational outings for the patient and family members.

Bereavement Support

At the Hospice Grief Center, our professional staff helps family members of all ages toward healthful healing as they grieve the loss of a loved one.  The Center’s services are available to anyone in the community, whether or not the family used Hospice.

What Does It Cost?

Under Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance plans,  and other managed care organizations, hospice care is available to patients and their families at little or no cost.

Helped by the Community We Serve

We rely upon gifts to the Hospice Foundation of Central New York to provide care for all in our community who need it. These gifts help us close the gap between reimbursements to our agency and the actual cost of providing care. Your tax-deductable gifts stay right here in Central New York to help our friends and neighbors.

Call Hospice

• If you or someone you know is dealing with life-limiting illness. We can help you understand your options for care.

• If you are grieving the loss of someone dear to you. Counseling is available not only to families that used hospice but to the entire community.

• If you would like to become a Hospice volunteer. Find out how you can assist people with life-limiting illness and their families.

• To make a gift, ensuring that hospice care will be available for all who need our services.

• For better understanding of how to deal with life’s final stages. We offer a seminar several times each year call 634-1100 more information.

All of Life’s Stages are Important.

Some just require extra attention. When we enter this world, we’re surrounded by love, comfort, and care.    Don’t we deserve the same when we leave?  At Hospice, we believe the end-of-life can be a meaningful time for patients and their loved ones.  If you know someone coping with a life-limiting illness, we may be able to help. Call: 315.634.1100