Dreams Can Come True

If you ask Calvin Lagstrom, he would tell you some of his fondest memories are of time spent with family at Brennan Beach on Lake Ontario. The Cicero resident’s face lights up when the beach comes up in conversation. Lagstrom couldn’t help but tell those beach stories to his healthcare team from Hospice of Central New York. That sparked the social worker on the team to apply for a grant from the Dream Foundation. This non-profit organization is based in California and serves terminally ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life dreams that offer inspiration, comfort and closure.

Calvin Lagstrom and Lina Lazore who represents the Dream Foundation in Upstate New York

The Lagstrom application was accepted and the Lagstrom Family was overwhelmed by the news. Lina Lazore of Genentech, a company which represents the Dream Foundation in Upstate New York, stopped by the Lagstrom home on a very rainy Friday with the good news. The Hospice Team was there to share in the excitement as well. Plans for another great family weekend were mapped out and Calvin can’t wait to tell his newest beach story.

Brittany Lagstrom, Mason, Kateri Simmons, Donna Retzbach, Calvin Lagstrom, Jeanne Moore and Josie Vespari-Murphy.

The mission of Hospice is to make the best of the time you have left. The Hospice health care team handles pain and symptom management to enable patients that opportunity. They are also available to find resources such as the Dream Foundation. While not every patient can have a dream trip, many are very happy to enjoy the company of the people and things they love the most with the time they have left. If you have questions about Hospice Care you can call us at 315-634-1100.