Did you know you can refer a patient to Hospice?


You don’t have to wait for a physician’s referral. How can you do that? Why is that important? Making a referral is as easy as calling Hospice and asking our admissions team for an assessment. It’s important because you know when your loved one is suffering. Consistent pain from a terminal disease, ongoing discomfort from symptoms, countless tests that result in the same conclusions, endless treatments with no measure of success and medications that and their family. Any of these is reason enough to seek comfort care. Sometimes patients hide these problems from their doctors. Physicians may, at times, not realize the extent of your loved one’s suffering. Following an assessment Hospice works with your loved one’s doctor, assisted living center or nursing home. Together they become part of a team of Hospice healthcare specialists who build a support system to meet the needs your family and your loved one.

Admittance to Hospice is not a signal that the end is near. It’s the start of palliative comfort care. Hospice care focuses on making the patient feel well enough to enjoy the people and things they love most, starting with where the patient wants or needs to be. Hospice comes to them whether they are at home, or in an assisted living facility or skilled nursing center. Depending on one’s terminal illness, Hospice benefits cover the medications they need…delivered directly to wherever they call home. That also goes for any medical equipment as well. Hospice care is tailored for each individual and it’s designed to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of your loved one. Our registered nurses and social workers also support you, the primary caregiver, throughout your loved one’s stay with Hospice.

Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurers pay for Hospice services. Our specially trained bereavement counselors are available to you and your family for 13 months following the death of the patient. If you think Hospice care is right for your loved one …why are you waiting? Make the referral yourself; call Hospice at 315-634-1100.