Hospice of CNY’s “Compassionate Presence” Volunteer Program

Hospice of CNY provides additional volunteer help and presence to Hospice patients residing in Skilled Nursing Facilities who are imminently dying (2 days to hours from death) and needing extra support. We will provide as many hours as we have volunteers available between the  8am to 8pm when a request is made by a Hospice team member or our Hospice/ Skilled Nursing Facilities nurse liaison.


Hospice volunteers generally do not do any hands-on care however they can take direction from facility staff to use mouth swabs, place cool cloths on the patient or provide gentle positioning for the comfort of the patient. They can help facility staff change linens and do other “non-medical” interventions with the patient. Generally the volunteers will do 3 hours shifts.


Hospice volunteers have received extra training to be able to provide this care to Hospice patients in the Skilled Nursing Facilities who are imminently dying. Volunteers will take direction from the facility staff and Hospice staff and will be willing to help in ways that are within their scope of practice as Hospice volunteers.


For any questions please call our Hospice Volunteer Coordinators at 315-634-1100.