10 Step Checklist for Planning Ahead


When we discuss Advance Directives, Health Care Proxy and long-term health care planning many people feel overwhelmed. Hospice of Central New York has put together a ten-step process you can use to get your planning in order.

  1. Research the information you need to make informed choices about end-of-life care.
  2. Get to know local end-of-life care services that are available to you such as hospice and palliative care providers, nursing homes and home health aid services.
  3. Discuss your thoughts, concerns and choices with your loved ones.
  4. Choose a Health Care Proxy who could speak for you if you could not.
  5. Talk to your doctor about different treatments and options including hospice and palliative care.
  6. Establish advance directives (Writing specifically about your wishes and what you want for end-of–life care)
  7. Talk to your healthcare proxy, family and doctor about your choices.
  8. Discuss your choices often, especially when your medical condition changes.
  9. Keep your completed advance directives in an accessible place where others can get to them.
  10. Give photocopies of the signed originals to your healthcare proxy, doctor, family, friends, clergy and anyone else who might be involved in your healthcare.

This ten-step process is focused on healthcare planning only. When it comes to financial matters we recommend talking to your attorney and financial planner. After you authorize a person to be your power of attorney we recommend that they too receive an updated copy of your advance directives. Do you still have questions? Call Hospice of Central New York at 315-634-1100.