Hospice is Grateful for the Community Support

Cindy Chandler, CEO-Hospice of CNY and Vivian Pennock, Onondaga Garden Club


“ We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.”

                                                                                                                                        Dorothy Day

 Every holiday season our patients get a very special gift of a boxwood tree. Two local garden clubs have been doing this act of kindness for Hospice for more than a decade. We are truly grateful. These plants are beautifully decorated and brighten up a patient’s home and bring a smile to their face when a Hospice team member presents them with the gift.


Part of the mission of Hospice of Central New York is to be involved in the community we serve. We welcome community volunteers to offer their expertise in our endeavor. The boxwood plants are a symbol of community members that care for the needs of others and much more. Their beauty softens the struggle our patients and their families are facing and reassures families that they can rely on Hospice and the community during this time of need.


Our special thanks to Barbara Gouldthorpe of Fayetteville who heads up this effort every year and the talented people from Fayetteville Garden Club and Onondaga Garden Club who put together these treasures! We are also grateful to Nino Gagliano who owns the Backyard Garden Florist in Fayetteville for his help in procuring the plants that are needed to make this effort possible.


If anyone is interested joining the Fayetteville Garden Club, contact Barbara Haas at 315-637-6728 or Onondaga Garden Club, contact Merle Maxey at 315-813-8002.

Caryn Hughes, Development Director -Hospice of CNY and Barbara Gouldthorpe