Hospice of CNY – ANITA Award Winners

2017    Suman Swarnkar, MD

2016    David Simon, MD

2015    Digant Nanavati, MD

2014    Joseph Navone, MD

2013    N/A

2012    Ajeet Gajra, MD

2011    Benny Wong, MD

2010    Michael Glowacki, II, MD

2009    Jacquelyn Bays, MD

2008    Irene Cherrick, MD

2007    Joel Potash, MD

2006    William Berkery, MD

2005    Philip Kaplan, MD

2004    Anthony Scalzo, MD

2003    Jeanne Bishop, MD

2002    Sara Jo Grethlein MD

2001    Jesse Williams MD

2000    Colleen O’Leary, M.D.

1999    Dept of Radiology/Oncology, UMU (Dr. Seung Shin Hahn)

1998    Jonathan Wright, MD


The Anita Award was established at Hospice in 1998 by friends and family in memory of Anita Stockman.  Its purpose is to heighten awareness of the importance of physician communication and support to patients and their families facing life-threatening illness and to promote this understanding amongst physicians in training.

This award is to be presented to a physician who is attentive to his/her patients, who communicates openly, honestly and sensitively, who respects patient decisions and remains actively involved with the patient in his/her final journey.

Nomination letters for the Anita Award are solicited from people in our community who have experienced personally responsive care from their physicians.